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News: Legal Notice - Public Notice Intent to Apply - Town of Parma 5310 Transportation Grant

Date Published Author
3/17/2022 12:00:00 AM  Thomas Venniro 

Legal Notice
Town of Parma
Hilton, New York
Public Notice of Intent to Apply
Transportation providers and other interested parties are hereby notified that the Town of Parma, 1300 Hilton Parma Corners Rd., Hilton, NY 14468, is applying for a federal grant of up to $55,000, under Section 5310 of Chapter 53 of Title 49, United States Code, for a transport vehicle that will provide transportation services to and from Town sponsored services, programs, and events within the Hilton-Parma area to meet the needs of elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities.

The purpose of this notice is to invite private for-profit bus, taxi, ambulette operators and other interested parties to participate in the development of proposed grant project(s) and in the provision of enhanced transportation services to elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities.

Please contact Thomas Venniro at 585-392-9030 or tvenniro@parmany.org within 15 calendar days of this public notice to request a copy of the project proposed. Comments on proposed projects must be submitted to the Town of Parma within 15 calendar days after receipt of the proposed project information.